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KYLESA et WINTER ne se produiront pas au Hellfest

KYLESA et WINTER annulent leurs venues au Hellfest 2016. Le nom de leurs remplaçants seront dévoilés en même temps que l’annonce finale. Dans son communiqué KYLESA explique que tous ses projets de tournée pour 2016 sont tombés à l’eau pour « des raisons personnelles qui sont au-delà de son contrôle » alors que WINTER est lui contraint d’annuler ses dates cet été car son guitariste rencontre des soucis d’audition.


Wintersun win through their ambitions

It is always unfair and extremely frustrating that some artists can’t finish their work for technical or financial reasons. That a T.V. show has to be canceled before its end because it lacks viewing audience – for instance fans of Carnivale are still mourning the end of the show after the second season while six were planned. That sometimes a movie director can be dogged by bad luck, as Terry Gilliam infamously was when he had to give up on his movie « The Man who killed Don Quixote » because of barely believable twists of fate (going has far as the irruption of F-16 from the U.S. army on the set).

Fortunately, Wintersun’s story ended up happily after eight long years. That’s what it took to give a follow-up to their first record that succeeded and made the listeners hungry for more. For this second records, Jari Mäenpää wanted to see big but as he himself admits, his ambition almost got the best of him for he has been too inexperienced and naive. Almost a decade of stress for the band and of eagerness for the public that increases the risk of big disappointment just as the risk of immoderate enthusiasm regarding Time I, out the 12th of October.

Jari told us the story of these eight years of technical problems, stress, and impatient although understanding label. Relieved, Jari doesn’t feel traumatized by this experience and is already thinking about the future and about more.

And just for the record – Jari hate winter, a detail that would have remained unnoticeable for any band whose name isn’t Wintersun…

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