V For…

Besides from the death of Valfar bringing an end to the band Windir, the origin of Vreid stems from the combination of anger and sadness that this death brought upon them. In fact, Vreid means “anger” in Norwegian.

Windir was an original band that exploited folk influences in a much more subtle manner than the mass of “binge beer drinking” folk metal bands. In their own way, Vreid have continued their work this way, by distancing themselves voluntarily and qualitatively from this often repetitive scene. Throughout the interview, Hvall will even confirm that he does not like this scene.

Their new album V, whose title holds many unenforced meanings, has allowed Hvall to achieve the dream of many musicians: being able to work in his own studio, free from time and money restrictions. This is a sense of serenity and comfort that many are unable to achieve despite their great efforts and sometimes unhealthy investment. As they say, such efforts for so little results are sometime hard to “swallow” for a musician… Sorry, I just had to get that one in.

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